This is a bit of a change from the usual Homebuilt Projects that I've been doing in the past. I'm now an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and this seems like a good project to tackle.

I found this project right on the Wetaskiwin airport, so transfer home was very easy, just pushed/carried it across the taxiway

Stearman project as found

Above photo is what she looked like when spraying

This is what (I hope) she will look like when finished. Same engine and paint scheme.

Photos below are most recent at the top

Tail in first colour. Just figuring out stripes.

Left top wing finished

Left top wing taping


Left top wing rib stitching


Left top wing, preparing for rib stitching


Aileron final colour


Aileron sprayed in Poly Brush


Wing final colour, just the isignia left to spray


Wing initial colour. Due to the final colour being yellow, a coat of white must be applied or it will require many more coats of yellow.


Poly Spray after 3 cross coats


First spray coat (Poly Brush)

Wing tapes completed, now heat smoothing. Spend more time with an iron on airplanes than I do on clothes


Rib Stitching every two inches


Wing during repair, lots of wood work, new trailing and leading edges


Fabric work


Throttle Quadrant Before


Throttle Quadrant After


Primer before restoration


Primer after


The vertical stabilizer is in good shape, just clean the dust off


Horizontal Stabilizer getting new leading edge skins.



All controls after rebuild


The left aileron required a complete rebuild.


The left aileron parts


Fuel tank and tail parts.