Stits Playboy

Registered as 1970 Jasco Ranger


Complete rebuild 2003

Approx 400 hours TT

Engine Approx 150 hours SMOH

Recent updates:  

Climb Propeller Installed (2007/08)

Trutrak - ADI with battery back up installed in 2007

Strobe lights (one top of fuse, one bottom of fuse)

New tail wheel assembly 2007

Skull cap style spinner installed in 2010

Aircraft specs:

1800 lbs gross weight

1040 lbs empty weight

Climb approx 1250 ft/min at 80 mph

52 gal (199 l) usable fuel on board in 3 tanks

Cruise (with climb prop) 107 mph

Cruise (with standard prop) 115 mph

Engine GO 300 Continental - starts and runs great.  Uses no oil between oil changes (this always surprises me).

C-FBVD is a basic VFR aircraft.  She has no bad habits and fly's very nicely.  Unfortunately I have too many planes and something must go.  The original plan was that my father would operate BVD out of his farm strip, unfortunately that dream is not going to happen.  BVD is an honest aircraft, nothing fancy and all works well.  Good ventilation in the summer, great heat in the winter.

I can fly BVD with power on, no airspeed indicated and no stall.  Rudder it around in the turns and she is fully controllable.  I spent quite a bit of time rigging the plane and she will fly hands off, with just fuel load (left wing or right wing) changing the trim.

I'm available to check you out in it.  I recommend previous tail dragger time, but I did teach my son to fly her.  Ground handling is the hardest part of flying BVD.

Come and fly with me, I'm sure you will be sold as soon as you do!

Please e-mail me if you have any questions:  f1rocket at


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