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Rocket Formation Flight Movie, click here

My wife (Sandra) says she's going to show the child labor this photo.  Our youngest (Alex) when he was only 4 working in the plane for me.  It's good having small, flexible kids around.

Ditto here.  My oldest at 14 vacuuming after installing the remote compass mount.

Greg Davis acting goofy in the rocket after the first test runs.  Greg gets to fly a Tiger Moth, Harvard, Acrosport II and a Mooney.  I told him this was still the coolest plane he could sit in!

These two photos are of a Locus swarm we had in the desert in 2004.

Hmm how did they get there?  Strange place to park.

That's Ken Fowler flying off my wing.  May 13, 2006 we flew from Rocky to Sundre for a fly in breakfast.

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