Jeff's Story

OK I will try not to go into too much detail, I will start with the important things first...

I have four children. David, Nicole, Eric and Alex. (For some family photos click here).

I'm a commercial pilot with approx 2500 hours, mostly in Cessnas, Pipers and rapidly catching up in the Playboy, with a few in a biplane and of course the F1 Rocket (over 480 hours now). Lately I've been gathering hours in different aircraft; Nanchang CJ6, Piper Lance, Piper PA24 and Piper Comanche. I owned a Murphy Renegade biplane (it has been sold to a gentleman in Bow Island Alberta), which is registered as a basic ultralight in Canada. I have my instructor rating. I use it to instruct on tail wheel and complex aircraft. I also finished my Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Certificate.

I re-built a Stits Playboy, you can find the story on this link.

I've built a F1 Rocket. You can find the construction process on this link.

David and I built a WagABond. You can find the progress on this link.

Currently I'm rebuilding a 1938 Boeing Stearman. You can find the progress on this link.

I still get to fly RC a bit, not as much as I would like, but there is only so much time.
Click here for photos of RC Flying in Libya. Or here for some Canada hobby photos.