Check photos for description.  If you have any questions, just drop me an e-mail.

Fuse and Canopy in paint booth (best light)                Forward fuse interior

    Rudder cables installed to check exit            Passenger rudder pedals with string

            Rudder cable exit                                                   Rudder cable fairing

Right wing with aileron, flap brace and conduit      Left wing with aileron and flap brace

        Pitch servo for auto pilot                                                    Ditto

Auto pilot pitch servo installed                                ELT, Servo and Battery box

This is a photo of the pilots floor brace (now taken out).  By pure luck I found that this was only installed using pull rivets (and only two).  Now I'm looking harder at everything on the plane.

            Pilot rudder pedals.                              Pilot rudder pedals with master cylinders.

Only problem I ran into here is that I reamed (I do that with all AN attach points) them straight, but the pedals don't sit straight.  Thus the washers, nuts and bolts don't sit straight.  Not a big deal, just a little re-reaming, and then I won't over tighten the nuts.  No none of it is painted, and all will be removed for painting.

                                            Flap actuator installation.

Flap actuator in place with top hat.  You can see light under the top hat, so in the second photo I added some 032 shims.

Shims are now under, but flap actuator is removed for other work.

Static tube running forward.                            Static tubes hooked up to ports.  This had to be the worst  job I had to do yet.  My elbows hurt for two days trying to get this all done in such a tight area.

Pilot seat with seat belt holes.  Hinge and bottom angle done.  Pilot's seat and passenger seat.

Playing with the horizontal stab.                        Elevator with trim tab, and some colour schemes.

Stab and elevator.                                            Vertical stab.

Wing tips with lights.

Tail light                                                        Strobe supply on wing rib.

Throttle quadrant, and fake instrument panel.        Starboard wing complete.

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