As of Feb 2006

This is the latest photo of C-FROKs panel.  No it's not quite done, but it is flyable.  Placards left.  Trim around the panel edging also left.  Some of the construction photos are below:

This is the fuel/map/air console I bashed out.

In the left photo you can see the "top hat" cover for the flap actuator and in the right photo you can see the arm rest I built to cover the actuator.

Left photo is the completed passenger seat.  Well completed until I put the seat belts in, now it binds.  To be fixed.  Right photo is a close up of the rudder peddles for the passenger.  Pull the screw and the hinge and they are out of there.

A good photo of the cross bracing in the front and the pilot peddles/brakes.  Also you can see all the area in the corners that has been beefed up (factory not me).

Left photo is the control stick.  Trim, A/P power and disconnect, PTT and flaps all on the stick.  Throttle quadrant on the right.  I tried the one from Vans but it didn't have the throws required for the big 540.

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