Amateur Built Aircraft

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Aircraft Construction Books and Videos
BedeCorp - Home Page
Epic 6-place Turbine Cabin-class and 6-place Business Jet (Home of Hipec and a wide range of aircraft)
F1 Rocket (The Homepage of the plane that started all this for me)
F1 Rocket Page (Ron Graham's F1 page)
F1 Rocket-List Matronics
Fisher Flying Products
Fowlers Rocket (Ken Fowlers aerobatics web site)
Harmon Rocket II and F-1 Rocket (Vince Frazier's excellent web site)
Harmon Rocket II (The HR Homepage)
Homebuilt Homepage (Many homebuilt aircraft)
Jim Kimball Enterprises, Inc. (Home of the amazing Pitts Model 12!)
MD-RA Inspection Service
Murphy Aircraft Online
Mustang Home (Home of the Mustang I and II aircraft)
NewGlasair - NewGlaStar
Pflanzer's Pflying Pfactory (Another excellent F1 site)
RANS Homepage Information on Recumbent Bikes and Kit Aircraft
Radial Rocket
Steen Aero Lab - Pitts Model 14 Homepage
Supermarine Aircraft - Spitfire
The Acro Sport Resource
The Complete Matronics List Archives
Van's Aircraft, Inc. - RV Aircraft Series (If you have never been here, I'm not sure you are into flying)
Wag-Aero Group
Zenith Aircraft Company Kit Airplanes