Hobby Photos

If you wish to see where I stay while in Libya please click on this Google book mark If you don't have Google Earth it's free and this link will take you there as well.  We do our flying just NE of the camp site.

All photos below are organized from newest (top) to oldest (bottom).

I've had to install extra large tires on the Spinsation.  The sand is just too soft now that it's getting warm and the plane just keeps nosing over.  No more!  Looks funny in the air, but it works great.

This model is called a Spinsation from Morris Hobbies.  Photo taken in February 2006.  The right hand photo isn't the best but it is hard to take photos and fly at the same time!  This plane was built from a set of plans.

All the above photos are of a Morris Hobbies Double Fin Hoverbatics Trainer.  In each case I'm facing the wind and the plane is in a hover.  At no time was the plane coming from behind.  Each time I put it in a hover and let the wind drift it back towards me.  After every session of hovering I have to clean the oil off my safety glasses as I very often hand launch and hand recover the plane!  Yes it keeps the adrenaline pumping.  Top right photo was taken late in the day and the shadows off the dunes look cool.  In case you are wondering:  YS 45 with a MAC header and tuned pipe.  I haven't even tuned the header yet (too much fun flying) and why would I when I can hover at less than half throttle?

These are photos of the Double Fin during and after construction.


This plane is a Great Planes Tracer.  It was originally built in 2002 but suffered a major crash.  I rebuilt it and modified a few components to make it better.  The plane now takes off and lands very slowly (modified the landing gear and lightened the airframe).  The plane is actually Ray Picker's.

Another of Ray's airplanes.  This is the Carl Goldberg Extreme with a 45 Rossi on it.

This is a Balsa Nova from Morris Hobbies.  The landing gear is now on the Tracer.  I was doing high speed, low level rolls when the ground got to close to the wings.  Yes the colour scheme sucks but I was running out of ideas.  To this point I have built 37 aircraft and after a while you just run out of colour schemes.

This is a Morris Hobbies Sledge 540.  A nice hovering machine.  53 Rossi with a Rossi pipe.

This is a Great Planes Dazzler.  Built in 2003.


I have built two of these for one of the other guys in the desert (Thomas Konkol).  You will see later what happened to the first.  This is the first flight of the model and it performs so nicely that I did some inverted flight and prop hangs!  They really are nice all around models.

Alan Dalkin's Nova 40 Trainer.  This is the plane we use to teach all new people how to fly in the desert.  Yes it has been rebuilt a few times.

Sometimes stuff happens.  In this case Thomas forgot to put his antenna on the transmitter up.  He flew for a while but there is a strange dead spot at our field (normally no problem with a fully extended antenna) and this was the result.

This is what the Dazzler looked like before the incident.

Same general area, my turn this time.  No my antenna was up, I just nailed the ground wide open and inverted.  So much for a nice Delta.  I think this is the only plane I have that I didn't have a before picture.  Must have been an omen?



This was our collection of planes in 2002.  Amazingly most are still around in one way or another.

The one on the left is a profile Sig Ultimate and the one on the right is a Great Planes Ultimate.  Left - 52 OS 4 stroke.  Right 72 Saito 4 stroke.  I have built a total of four Ultimates now.  The other two are larger and in Canada.



This is the Ultimate in a nice low and slow flyby.

The Dazzler (original) on the ground and a Warhawk in the air.

Photo on the left are the tracks from the Morris Hobbies Top Cap on the right.



This photo is out of chronological order but fit with the Top Cap photos.  This is just after launch.  This plane doesn't hover very well but, tight loops, flips and tumbles are out of this world. 

This is probably one of the first photos of us flying in the desert.  Note the buddy cord while I was training Michael Scholle.