This is David at 14.  Him and I went to the Precision Aerobatics contest in Edmonton Alberta.  He holds two metals for Sportsman Class.  The plane he flew is just on the right side of the photo.



This is the plane I flew in the Intermediate Level in the contest.  I placed third.  The plane is a Carl Goldberg Extra 300 with an OS 120 four stroke with a pump.  Plane performed better than I did.

Here David and I prepare the Matrix 40 for David's next flight.



A fairly old photo of a Hots.  I loved these little planes.  So much so, I ended up building a couple of them.



My oldest two kids with a Carl Goldberg Ultimate 300 with an OS 120 4 stroke pumper.



A Pattern ship I built many years ago.  For the life of me I can't remember the name of it?



A Carl Goldberg Sukhoi.  I only flew the plane a few times but didn't like the way it performed compared to the Extra or Ultimate.  Sold it to a friend of mine.