F1 Rocket vs Harmon Rocket

There are some visual differences and many you won't know until after many years of ownership.

Cowl is differnet, air intakes are different, gear legs are different (F1 is a stronger titanium), wheel pants are different.

Engine mount on the F1 has been beefed up, later Harmon's may have this as well.

Firewall area on F1 has been strengthened (this is very visible when looking inside at the rudder pedal area).

Cabin is similar, F1 has a sliding canopy and Harmon is a tip over.

Wings are similar, except in construction (many small changes in side, resulting in a stronger F1 wing).

F1 has 52 gal fuel, Harmon has 42 gal (remember both use a 540 engine).

F1 has fiberglass wing root fairings, stock Harmon has metal, or none.

Baggage compartment F1 has the extended compartment, Harmon uses stock RV4 compartment.

Tail - big difference here. Harmon either have an RV4 or RV8 tail. F1 has a larger and stronger tail.