C-FROK has two alternators and one battery.  One mag and one electronic ignition.  The two boxes with the while covers on them are the voltage regulators for the alternators.  The black heat sink is the dimmer for the lights and instruments.  Other items are compass and display unit for ACS 2002.

CFROK Overall Electrical Details.pdf

The above link is one of the drawings I made for my rocket.  If you want them in the original .dwg file just e-mail me and I will gladly send them to you.

ELT, Trutrak elevator servo and battery box.  Everything looks good here, the baggage cover goes on nicely...  Once I attached the wires to the ELT this all changed.  Forgot to allow for that.  Strange though; this took me about two hours to install the ELT (measure, decide, drill) and about 15 minutes to pull apart and re-drill.  You can see by the date that this is very early on in the project.

What a mess!  This is the fuse panel located next to the pilots right knee.  It is now much neater and labeled.  Wire tying makes a big difference to the whole thing.  The red thing on the right is the boot for the aileron rod to keep out the cold.  Another thing that was a good idea at the time until the wing was put in place and the aileron throw was checked.  Had to grind out quite a bit of metal to ensure full throw and no binding.  Now the boot is useless.  Oh well another thing to rebuild on a bad weather day.

These are the electrical shunts in the engine compartment.  They are now all tight and covered in white boots.

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