Plane Crash at EX3 in January 2006

The photos below are of a courier aircraft that went down on a very foggy night in January.  If you want details you will have to go to the Transport Safety Board of Canada Web Site No one was seriously injured and after seeing the photos, I think you will agree that the two people were very lucky!  The crash happened the night before the photos were taken.

This photo was taken on cross wind leg off runway 30.  TSB, Insurance and Airport Manager are still on site.  The dark strip is the aircraft path as it slid sideways.

Cross wind leg again but now (two circuits later) the people are all gone from the site.

Not many straight pieces left on the plane.

You can see the start of the track and even where the propellers hit the ground.

Turning directly around you can see the rest of the path.

One final close up of the wing.  Still attached but turned over.

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