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AC 43.13-1B CHG 1 Acceptable Methods, Techniques etc.
Aero-News Network
Airbum.com - Pitts Special Corner
Airports in Canada
Aviation CA
AvShop, the Net's Best Pilot Shop
AVweb, The Internet's Aviation Magazine and News Service
AWWS - Weather etc. Canada
Canadian Owners and Pilots Association's Home Page
EAA - The Leader in Recreational Aviation
Formula One Air Racing
International Civil Aviation Organization
Jumbolair Aviation Estates
LoPresti Speed Merchants - Aircraft modifications and improvements
Mabel Lake Resort and Airpark My favorite vacation spot
Mustangs.com P-51 Links Page
Pilot Getaways Magazine - Your Flight Plan for Adventure!
Plane & Pilot Magazine For Active Piston-Engine Pilots
Plane Crash Info.com
Recreational Aviation Association of Canada
Reno Air Racing Association
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Homepage
Wildfire Air Racing

Jeff's Home Page